5 Signs Your Child is Overwhelmed (and that Decluttering Might be the Solution)

With many of the families and classrooms that I work with, one of the biggest things that the adults want to find solutions to is the way children are interacting in the learning/play environment. Children are being aggressive with each other or with the toys and materials they have. Children seem generally unhappy or have unusually short attention spans. Children aren’t showing any real interests or don’t want to participate in the activities that parents/teachers are setting up for them.

And almost always this can be traced back to one thing – clutter in the environment. 

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10 Ways to Encourage Your Young Writer

Writing seems like the hardest thing, doesn’t it? It’s the last big leap into full-blown literacy, and as parents we want nothing more than to watch our young ones blossom into happy, confident writers.

Unfortunately, most of the advice and activity suggestions that you find out there encourages you to stick workbook pages in front of your child, have them trace letters until their hands go numb, or force writing activities on your older writers that they really, REALLY don’t feel confident doing. And sadly… the statistics about writing are clear that this approach isn’t only developmentally unsound, but is causing a significant problem with how our children feel about writing and how often they choose to use this skill. An astounding number of children, teens, and even adults have decided that they don’t enjoy writing, aren’t good at writing, or actively choose to avoid it at all costs.

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Month of Magic Day Seventeen: Forest School Two-Week Plan

Today, for the Month of Magic giveaway, I'm giving away a two week sample plan from my Cool Weather Forest School Program! These programs were created to help families get more comfortable spending more significant amounts of time outside exploring, learning, and...

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Month of Magic Day Twelve: My Body Theme Free Week

You guys.... this whole Month of Magic thing has been so awesome already... and we're not even halfway through the month yet! 😱 So lately I've been getting a lot of questions from parents about when they should study the human body and what types of activities are...

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