What Are You Rushing For?

How many times in a day do you tell your child to “hurry up?”

Rushing out the door. Get your shoes on. Eat your dinner faster. Walk quicker. Chin up, eyes forward, let’s go! We’ve got to HURRY…..

To where? To what?

Do you stop and ask yourself what you’re rushing for? What is so important that you are pushing your child so quickly through their childhood?

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What REALLY Happens When Your Child Brings Home Pocket Treasures

The other incredible thing that happened in this moment is that Charlie had a tangible reminder of a memory. You see, young children have incredibly short attention spans and are very quickly moving from one moment to the next and one emotion to the another. Because of this fluid movement of our thoughts as young children, we have few memories that we carry from our early childhood for the rest of our lives. However, what this seemingly worthless crab shell did in this moment was give Charlie a tangible object that he could feel and see and hold, to bring the memory of that adventure back to life in a very vivid way.

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Learning on the Go with the Ocean Life Theme from A Child’s World – GUEST POST

Learning happens anywhere and everywhere, even on family trips. One of my favorite benefits of homeschooling is the ability to take his learning with us and travel, without having to wait for summer. Reading about different places, climates, and habitats is a wonderful way to learn, but we love to bring our physical learner to different places where he can see, touch, and experience these worlds in person.

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How a Morning Routine Can Change Your Day

Do You Have A Morning Routine? Oh, you mean stumbling out of bed when you hear the kids rummaging through the fridge and praying your husband already started coffee doesn’t count? No, no it does not. 😉 One of the most proven ways to have a positive outlook for your day is to start off your day with a good and consistent routine.

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But How Will My Child Learn to Read If I Don’t TEACH Them?

I want to answer another of the questions I hear over and over again (because I bet this is one that you’ve had streaming through your head a time or two)​​. And that is “But what about the ABCs?” Or, in other words, if I don’t TEACH them, how will my child ever learn to read or write?! ​​This is something that starts to freak parents out BIG TIME the second they get excited about child-led learning. That fear kicks in and a lot of times, they run away from the unstructured, free and flexible learning experiences for the rigid, “sit at a desk and learn stuff on paper” way of learning that they’re used to. ​​But you don’t have to do that.

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UNBUSYING and Schedules vs. Routines – What’s the Difference?

If you’re feeling completely overwhelmed with everything that you’re doing – planning healthy meals for your family, keeping track of bills and birthdays, planning learning activities for your kids, making sure you get to appointments and meetings on time, balancing a job, or any of the other thousands of things that parents do… well then you’re right where you need to be!

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Your Child Should Be in the Kitchen

I don’t know about your family, but around here, we LOVE to cook and bake! Letting our kids be a part of the “food process” in our home has always been a priority from the time my oldest was very little. There were quite a few reasons we did this:
1. Research is very clear that if we help children be a part of the process of growing, cooking, and preparing their own healthy food choices, they’re more likely to make those healthy choices for the rest of their lives.

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How Do I Know My Child is Learning?

It’s funny really… it’s so easy for us to see how natural and magical this type of lifestyle can be. Figuring out what our children are interested in, guiding them towards the information that they need to learn as much (or as little!) as they want about that particular topic, and then seamlessly moving onto the next topic. It’s almost like (gasp!) REAL LIFE!

But then… well, then we let the fear kick in.

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