Month of Magic Day Eight: Plan Create Learn Challenge

Today's giveaway is actually like FIVE days of giveaway in one! As you may know, here at Your Natural Learner, I teach families and educators how to develop a system of child-led, natural learning that allows each individual child to have their own unique learning...

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Month of Magic Day Seven: Cooking With Children

Hey! We're back! For the last few days of the Month of Magic, we were doing some exclusive giveaways inside our Facebook Group, but it's your turn once again to get in on the fun! Today we are taking a deeper look at a part of natural learning that is often overlooked...

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Month of Magic Day Four: Best Indoor Plants Guide

Today in our Month of Magic giveaway, we’re talking about one of the easiest ways to bring more nature into your learning space – bringing in some indoor plants!

If you don’t already have plants in your learning space (or all around your home, for that matter), this is one of the most important things you can do to increase your child’s exposure to nature. When they have a chance to care for plants in their own environment they are more likely to take responsibility for nature. Not to mention, when you bring plants indoors you are *literally* growing fresh air!

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Month of Magic Day Two: Learning Beliefs Workbook

Welcome back to Day Two of our Month of Magic here at Your Natural Learner – where we’re giving something new and awesome in natural learning away every single day of October! 💫

If you missed yesterday’s giveaway – an Autumn Activity Guide – make sure you head over here to grab it!

Today I’m giving away something brand new and super exciting! A Learning Beliefs Workbook.

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Month of Magic Day One: Autumn Activity Guide

It’s FINALLY October…. which is pretty much the best time because it officially ushers in the holiday season – my absolute favorite time of the year. When thinking about how to celebrate this glorious month, I was inspired by a lovely lady, Leonie Dawson, and a similar “Month of Magic” that she did last month – giving away something to her audience every day to help them on their journey. I knew as soon as I saw this that I was something I wanted to do for you!

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