#150hoursoutside Week Two Log

It’s that time again! Time to log our hours outside for the #150hoursoutside Project! This isn’t necessary for you as an individual, but it helps us keep track of our community totals, which is motivating and inspiring to us all! If you’re in our Facebook...

Pocket Bear Tutorial

I recently shared inside the #150hoursoutside Facebook Group about this little Pocket Bear that I made for my sons for Christmas to take on their adventures throughout the year, and the feedback was immediate: YES, WE WANT THEM! I believe these adorable little bears will become our “official” #150hoursoutside mascots, and I cannot WAIT to start seeing these little creatures pop up in photos all around the world!

#150hoursoutside Week One Log

This is the day I’ve been waiting for all week! Our FIRST Tracking Day for the #150hoursoutside Project! If you haven’t heard about this project yet, click on over to the main link and read all about what it is and how to get involved. If you’re in...

What REALLY Happens When Your Child Brings Home Pocket Treasures

The other incredible thing that happened in this moment is that Charlie had a tangible reminder of a memory. You see, young children have incredibly short attention spans and are very quickly moving from one moment to the next and one emotion to the another. Because of this fluid movement of our thoughts as young children, we have few memories that we carry from our early childhood for the rest of our lives. However, what this seemingly worthless crab shell did in this moment was give Charlie a tangible object that he could feel and see and hold, to bring the memory of that adventure back to life in a very vivid way.