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Month of Morning Invitations Calendar

If your mornings feel like chaos and feeding time at the zoo, it’s time to shake things up with morning invitations! By setting up these simple activities, you’re simultaneously engaging your children’s most “turned on” time of the day while giving yourself the much-needed time to drink some coffee and accomplish a few tasks. This free printable calendar is everything you need!


Favorite Tech Resources for Kids Guide

If you’re finding yourself straddling the line between hating screen time but wishing it could be more useful/educational, then I’ve got just what you need. Grab this free guide to my personal favorite tech resources for kids to use those screens for their best intended purpose!


It’s one thing to set resolutions, but actual goals are a whole new level! And without an action plan to put things into motion, you can quickly lose motivation. Don’t let that happen this year! Get this FREE Goal Setting Roadmap that will walk you through the process of setting goals the right way, and creating an action plan to achieve them!



This epic 5-day challenge will teach you more about how your child learns then you ever thought you knew! Discover how your child learns new things, how they best show you that they’re learning, and create a plan of action based on a child-led interest! If you thought following your child meant “winging it” without a plan – think again!