Happy December First!!

We’ve officially entered my FAVORITE month and time of the year, and I can’t wait to spread holiday cheer to everyone around me!

I wanted to start with you, my beloved friends! So, I have some holiday gifts that are completely free and ready for you to open up and enjoy with your kids and for yourself.

Ready? Here are three gifts that I hope you can use to make your holiday season the best one yet. After all, life is so short… make every second count.

1. ADVENT CALENDAR FOR KIDS – I shared a sneak peek of our advent calendar on Instagram yesterday, and will be putting up some more pics on social media and the blog today, but I wanted to let you in on exactly what will be found in each of our holiday cheer cards every day this month! Click above to open up the calendar and print it out for great ideas all month long!

2. ADVENT CALENDAR FOR ADULTS – You can’t just let the kids have all the fun!! 😉 This month I’ll be challenging myself (and you, of course) to participate in this acts of kindness advent calendar. After all, when we do something to help others, we are filling our own love buckets as well. PS – I’ll be posting our daily advent prompts on my Instagram this month so make sure you follow along if you want to accept this challenge with me!

3. OUTDOOR WINTER ACTIVITY GUIDE – Need a few more ideas for what to do when the weather is feeling super chilly and you have to fight yourself to get outside? This guide has 5 SUPER cool activities that will make everyone in the house want to get outside and explore as fast as possible! There’s also a few bonus tips on there for how to make sure you’re dressing properly for chilly weather. Win win!

I hope you enjoy these early holiday goodies! I did want to share one more quick thing with you. While it’s not a free gift like the others, it’s definitely something you’re going to love, especially if you weren’t able to take advantage of my Black Friday sales last week….

Introducing the Holiday Theme Bundle! I absolutely hate the thought of you and your little ones going all season long without having A Child’s World in your hands, because Winter is seriously the BEST time to get out and explore through nature!! So, I’ve made it super easy with this theme bundle. For just $30, you get all four winter-focused themes from A Child’s World Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum (that’s 40 percent off!) – Christmas, Winter, Ice, and Arctic.

Grab this limited time bundle and you will be ready to explore all season long with never a dull moment. Literature, Nature, Science, Sensory Play, Art, Math, Healthy Cooking…. something fun to look forward to every single day. If this sounds like heaven on earth (it is, I promise), you can grab your bundle now or share it with a friend who NEEDS to see it!

That’s all for now, folks! Enjoy your holiday goodies, the Holiday Theme Bundle, and make sure to follow along on Facebook for more secret goodies coming all season long!

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