Today’s giveaway is actually like FIVE days of giveaway in one! As you may know, here at Your Natural Learner, I teach families and educators how to develop a system of child-led, natural learning that allows each individual child to have their own unique learning experience based on their needs, interests, unique ways of sharing information, etc. I also know that while that sounds super great, it can be a challenge to feel effective with planning for learning, creating a good learning environment, and figuring out what our kids are actually learning. That’s why I created a 5-day email challenge called Plan. Create. Learn. 

This challenge walks you through each step of determining what your kids are interested in and creating a plan of learning based on that, along with their unique learning needs. Today in the Month of Magic Giveaway, I’m directing you right to that challenge so you can get on a clear page with child-led learning!


After you check out this challenge, make sure to come join our Your Natural Learner Facebook Group to share your revelations! 

Also, make sure to check out Grow Your Natural Learner – this mini challenge is just a tiny bit of some of the awesome stuff we cover in this bigger natural learning course!

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