Hey! We’re back! For the last few days of the Month of Magic, we were doing some exclusive giveaways inside our Facebook Group, but it’s your turn once again to get in on the fun! Today we are taking a deeper look at a part of natural learning that is often overlooked – bringing your kids into the kitchen.

You see, when your kids are invited into the kitchen to learn about, prepare, cook, and enjoy their food with you, SO many amazing benefits happen. Not only do your kids have the opportunity to see math, science, and literacy in a real-life scenario, but they are bonding with you and developing healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. In short, you can’t afford NOT to bring your kids into the kitchen with you more often! And today, I’m using the Month of Magic giveaway to help you do just that with a Cooking With Children tips and recipes guide!

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If you’re wanting some additional tips on bringing your kids into the kitchen, check these out:

1. Your Child Should Be in the Kitchen Blog Post – this post outlines all of the amazing benefits that take place when your child is included in the kitchen!

2. Preschoolers Cook Cookbook – this cookbook is one that I wrote based on recipes from my own childhood and ones that I’ve created with my children. It’s full of 30 wonderfully easy and healthy recipes that encourage you to cook with your children AND encourage conversation about our food. Tip: When you grab today’s giveaway, you get a coupon for the cookbook!

3. A Child’s World Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum – to further show how important developing healthy eating/cooking habits are in early childhood, I include a themed recipe in all of the themes in the Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum!

I can’t wait to hear what you and your kiddos are making together!