Today, for the Month of Magic giveaway, I’m giving away a two week sample plan from my Cool Weather Forest School Program! These programs were created to help families get more comfortable spending more significant amounts of time outside exploring, learning, and discovering the world around them.

In this two-week plan, you’ll explore Practical/Survival Skills in the forest and Flora and Fauna. There are activities, book suggestions, supply lists, conversation questions, and even a “continue at home” segment to keep the learning going all week long. I’m so excited for you to test this out!!

Click here to get your two-week Forest School Plan!

Once you’ve grabbed your Forest School Plan, share this with a friend and make a plan to meet up in the woods and learn together! Because exploring in the forest is great, but it’s even more fun when you can share the experience with a friend or group of friends!

If you love these activities as much as I think you will, definitely consider grabbing the full Forest School Curriculum to extend your forest learning all season long!