It’s no secret that one of the most important pieces to a successful and happy homeschooling experience is having a supportive partner! When we know that we are being supported by the working parent, and know that they are involved in what we’re doing with the kids, it helps everyone tremendously. You feel like you have someone who is in your corner and supporting you in all of the work that you’re doing, the kids know that both parents are involved and excited about their learning journey, and your partner feels that they have a stake in their child’s learning experience. Win win win!

In today’s Month of Magic Giveaway, I’m giving away a free guide for working parents, with specific tips that they can follow to support their homeschooling child. If you’re the homeschooling parent, print this out and gift it to your working partner. If you’re the working parent, grab this for yourself and find some new ways to encourage and support your partner and kids at home!

Click here to grab your Support Guide for Working Parents!

If you enjoy these ideas for deeper connection with your children and family, I highly recommend checking out my 30 Days of Connection Journal. This journal will support you in developing an intentional and meaningful connection with your family through action prompts to practice daily and reflection prompts to help deepen your personal feelings around connection.

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