Welcome back to Day Two of our Month of Magic here at Your Natural Learner – where we’re giving something new and awesome in natural learning away every single day of October! 💫

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Today I’m giving away something brand new and super exciting! A Learning Beliefs Workbook.

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One of the things that I see most often in my work is an abundance of “beliefs.” Everyone wants to tell everyone else about the philosophy they should follow, how what they’re doing with their kids is right or wrong, and that if you don’t adhere to this one particular philosophy TO A T then you’re going to fail everything with your kids. I’m sure you can relate to feeling this way. Here you are – just trying to do what you know is best for your unique kids, and after just a few hours of reading on the internet you’re left feeling like you’re trapped in some scary version of Learning Russian Roulette.

Well, in case you can’t tell, this drives me crazy! Sure, all of the beliefs and philosophies out there are well-intended and I believe they all have something to offer. But here’s what really matters – YOUR CHILD. What works best for my kid might not work best for yours. What works for one family might not be best for another family. I firmly believe in Natural Learning for all children, but even how that is implemented is going to look different for every family.

And so, today, I’m gifting you a Learning Beliefs Workbook for you to print out, grab a mug of tea, and work through on your own. Figure out what YOU believe and what works best for YOUR child. It’s sort of a way for you to synthesize all of the stuff that’s been thrown at you from all angles and give you a place to put it down into one big idea for your child and your family. <3

This is a portion of a much larger project that my students in Grow Your Natural Learner work through as we work to develop their own individual learning philosophy statements. I’m so excited to share this with you and to hear back from you about how it helps you shape your confidence and personal belief system.

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Preview of the Learning Beliefs Workbook

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