30 Days of Connection Journal




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The “30 Days of Connection” idea came to me a few years ago around the holiday season. I noticed how rushed and busy every family around me seemed to be and it made me realize how critical the connection piece really was to family joy, peace, and happiness. From a learning perspective, we know from studying Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs that if a child (or any human for that matter) doesn’t feel like they are loved, important, have good ideas, and really feel valued in a relationship, that we can’t expect them to be creative, academically successful, or engaged in any type of learning. So, for so many reasons, connection with our children is so incredibly important.

While this journey began as some simple daily prompts, I’ve expanded it to a journal form, because I believe that it is so important for parents, especially busy mothers, to take time daily to reflect and respond to their thoughts and the constant movement of each day. Use these pages to heal, build, and reconnect with your children and family – regardless of where you are currently, I promise you will feel refreshed and renewed at the end of these 30 days!

This journal is a digital format and can be printed for your use. It is designed to be visited twice daily – once in the morning for your action prompt to guide your actions with your children through the day, and once in the evening to write and reflect on how this changed the way you viewed your child and the connections you are building together.

Sample pages:


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