A Child’s World – First Grade Curriculum



Embrace the strong and independent learner that your child is becoming with A Child’s World First Grade Curriculum!

You’ve played and explored through the Pre-K/Kindergarten years, and now it’s time to move on to something bigger! 

At this age, your child is slowly moving out of the completely “me-focused” emotional understanding to wondering how they fit into the world around them.

With that developmental path in mind, I’ve designed the first grade curriculum to allow your child to work through, understand, and develop their sense of how their unique selves fit into the world around them on multiple levels.

You will find nine unique themes designed around the idea of helping your child discover how they, as a unique individual with special gifts and talents, fit into the bigger world around them. Each theme has enough material to last through at least a month of exploration and fun!

Inside each of the unique themes, you’ll see all subject areas represented, similar to the Pre-K/K Curriculum – recommended reading lists, literacy lessons, math connections, science experiments, art, nature, etc. Additionally, each of the themes themselves have an overall academic area focus.

You can confidently trust that every necessary skill that your child should know at this stage will be covered in a hands-on way that supports natural, meaningful learning. No supplements are needed and the content in this curriculum will pass every state’s standards in the United States, meaning you don’t ever have to worry about missing a thing.



These nine, comprehensive and cross-curricular themes will give you flexibility to choose the sequence in which you teach them, giving you the ability to follow your child’s interests and needs:

  • “My Body” – Focus on Health and Diet

  • “My World” – Focus on Geography

  • “My Creative Self” – Focus on Self-Expression, Art & Music

  • “My Backyard” – Focus on Nearby Nature and Local Wildlife

  • “My Family” – Focus on Individual History

  • “My Time” – Focus on Understanding of Time/Days

  • “My Feelings” – Focus on Emotions

  • “My Animal Friends” – Focus on Pets and Animal Connections

  • “My Neighborhood” – Focus on Community


This one-of-a-kind signature program is designed to harness your child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity for their world, give you an endless supply of activities to put together based on your child’s interests, and encourage imaginative, playful interactions with nature to help your child develop a true love and appreciation for our Mother Earth.

Inside, you’ll find…

  • Everything You Need – Right at Home – A simple supply list makes it easy for you to create and set up any of the activities from the curriculum with great ease! No special orders or additional supplies needed!
  • Help Your Child Connect to the World -Through literature, personal connections, and fun activities, your child will understand their place in the world around them, connecting to others and, ultimately, themselves.
  • Develop Your Child’s Unique Creativity -With themes that focus on helping your child understand their uniqueness, they will embrace their creative selves and develop a personal sense of curiosity, creativity, and joy!
  • Support and Inspiration – All purchases come with access to our Facebook support group, where you, me, and lots of other families provide inspiration to follow your child’s lead, encourage their own interests, and feel confident that you’re teaching them meaningful material!
  • Professionally Designed – With two Masters of Education in Reading and Curriculum Writing, dual teaching certifications, educator awards, and (most importantly) being a homeschooling mom of a two, this curriculum is designed by an author with the most specific professional and personal qualifications!
  • Accessible Downloads – This digital curriculum will be available for download as soon as you complete your purchase! No waiting for the mail- you’ll have everything you need within minutes. The curriculum is broken down by individual themes inside the seasonal folders, making it easy and quick to access exactly the section that you are looking for!


 Amazing “How To” Guide Included

You don’t just get access to this amazing curriculum – I also hook you up with a fantastic guide all about setting up your learning environment, engaging with your child, getting the most out of your nature exploration, extolling the benefits of natural and child-led learning for children, learning when to lead yourself and when to let the child lead, a sample calendar for using the curriculum, and so much more!

 What Parents Have Said

This curriculum is beyond amazing. I recently opened my own private school and I only wish I had bought it earlier. It makes lesson planning so easy. I just pick which activities I want to do with the kids that week and plug them into our plans. I love how things are themed but so interconnected with academic learning. For example, Leah’s first theme is the Human Body. She makes sure to organize to curriculum so that everything relates back to that. Even when you get to the Nature Adventures section, she has the kids doing things like measuring your own wingspan. As a former public school teacher, I really love how she makes sure everything is fun, engaging, and hands on! Thank you, Leah! I am so glad I purchased both the 1st grade and the Kindergarten ones you offer!

– Iman Alleyn, Private School Owner, Mother

“This curriculum has everything I was looking for: natural learning based, divided into units, all hands on (no boring worksheets or workbooks!), encourages a child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn, and covers all the subject areas! As a former kindergarten teacher who has seen first hand the detrimental effects of mainstream, public schooling I was determined to choose a different way of schooling for my child. I was not comfortable enough to go full on “unschooling” but this curriculum is a great compromise between the two extremes! It meets my needs for “structure” and having specific things to cover, but also meets her needs for engaging, hands on, real life learning. I can’t recommend this program, and all that it comes with, enough!”

– Stacey Kinder Plasch, Doula, Former Teacher, Homeschooling Mom

Use the wonders of the natural world to teach your child with A Child’s World First Grade Curriculum.

Want to learn more about how A Child’s World Curriculum is developed?

CLICK HERE to read all about the process of development, what to expect when you use this curriculum, and some other FAQs from families just like yours!

Disclaimer: Due to the unreturnable nature of digital content, no refunds will be accepted for this curriculum for any reason. This content is NOT eligible for resale.


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