A Child’s World – Second Grade Curriculum *Pre-Order*

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Encourage Your Child’s Natural Sense of Wonder and Curiosity!

Your child has explored Mother Nature through Pre-K/Kindergarten and expanded their understanding of how they fit into the world around them through First Grade… now it’s time to dive deep into the amazing world of Second Grade with A Child’s World!

*** A Child’s World Second Grade is set to be released on/before August 15, 2018. This listing is for a pre-order of the full curriculum. If you do not wish to purchase a pre-order and would rather wait for the complete curriculum to be available, Click here to get on the waitlist to be the first to find out when it is available! ***

Although this is still in development, here’s what I can tell you about A Child’s World Second Grade right now…

Second grade is a huge year of literacy growth and development, so A Child’s World Second Grade is focused on supporting that growth through a focus around quality literature, a variety of genres, and exploration of the many ways that literacy helps us learn and grow.

Your child will be supported through all realms of learning, just like in all A Child’s World curricula. Inside each of the nine themes, you will find activities to support literacy, mathematics, science, social connections, nature, and art/creativity.

As always, the learning experiences will be flexible and open-ended, allowing your child to bring their unique abilities, needs, talents, and interests to the table.

All required standards of learning for a second grader will be met through this curriculum – meaning that whatever state you might be homeschooling in, this curriculum will encompass everything that your child “needs” to show that they have learned – and SO much more.

Your child will go on a literacy journey to discover all of the wonderful ways that the written word can excite them, teach them, and help them share their words and ideas with the world. Genres your child will explore this year: Biographies, Poetry, Classic Fiction, Myths and Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novels, Non-Fiction, Drama, and Modern Fiction.

Note: Different from previous curriculums, this curriculum does require that you purchase one children’s book for each theme, as they are each built off these books. These are all easy-to-find, affordable, and will likely be found at your local library.

As a pre-order customer, you will receive special sneak peeks, early released content, and additional surprise bonuses to support your second grader. When you purchase the pre-order, expect an email with details within 24 hours.

Prepare for a magical year of learning with A Child’s World Second Grade.


Cover of Science Fiction Theme

Introduction Page

Literacy Skills Information


Science Experiment Activity Example


Creative Expressions Activity Example

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