A Child’s World – Second Grade Curriculum



Dive into a year of natural learning through literacy!

Your child has explored Mother Nature through Pre-K/Kindergarten and expanded their understanding of how they fit into the world around them through First Grade… now it’s time to dive deep into the amazing world of Second Grade with A Child’s World!

Second grade is a huge year of literacy growth and development, so A Child’s World Second Grade is focused on supporting that growth through a focus around quality literature, opening the doors to a variety of genres to excite your child and get them prepared for more independent reading adventures, and exploration of the many ways that literacy helps us learn and grow in every subject and topic area.

Your child will be supported through all realms of learning, just like in all A Child’s World curricula. Inside each of the nine themes, you will find activities to support literacy, mathematics, science, social connections, nature, and art/creativity.

As always, the learning experiences are flexible and open-ended, allowing your child to bring their unique abilities, needs, talents, and interests to the table. This curriculum also gives you the flexibility to choose the themes that suit the current needs of your child, and plan according to what is best for your individual family’s routines and interests!

All required standards of learning for a second grader are met through this curriculum – meaning that whatever state you might be homeschooling in, this curriculum will encompass everything that your child “needs” to show that they have learned – and SO much more. So, upon completion of this curriculum year, your child will not only have been introduced to every necessary skill and concept that a second grader needs to have, they will have experience with so many new genres and ideas that they may have otherwise never explored on their own.

Through A Child’s World Second Grade Curriculum, your child will go on a literacy journey to discover all of the wonderful ways that the written word can excite them, teach them, and help them share their words and ideas with the world. Genres your child will explore this year: Biographies, Poetry, Classic Fiction, Myths and Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Drama, Non-Fiction, and Modern Fiction.

NEW to the Second Grade Curriculum, all themes will contain a Final Project that your child can complete to sum up their learning from the theme. These projects will be hands-on and flexible enough for your child to participate in their own way, while still giving you an adequate culminating assessment piece to wrap up learning before moving on to the next theme of study.

Note: Different from previous curriculums, this curriculum does require that you purchase one children’s book for each theme, as they are each built off these books. There will be eight necessary books (the non-fiction theme does not require a specific book). These are all easy-to-find, affordable, and will likely be found at your local library.

Prepare for a magical year of learning with A Child’s World Second Grade.



These nine, comprehensive and cross-curricular themes will give you flexibility to choose the sequence in which you teach them, giving you the ability to follow your child’s interests and needs:

  • “Modern Fiction” – Focus on Humans in Nature with The Wild Robot

  • “Science Fiction” – Focus on Space and Time with Pi in the Sky

  • “Poetry” – Focus on Environmentalism with All the Wild Wonders

  • “Myth and Fairy Tale” – Character Development and Personal Destiny with Rump

  • “Historical Fiction” – Focus on Music Appreciation with Beethoven Lives Upstairs

  • “Non-Fiction” – Focus on Research and Finding Information

  • “Drama” – Focus on Elements of Drama and Theatre Production with MacBeth for Kids

  • “Biography” – Focus on Animal Communication and Following Your Dreams with Who is Jane Goodall?

  • “Classic Fiction” – Focus on Family and Perspective with Stuart Little



This one-of-a-kind signature program is designed to harness your child’s natural sense of wonder and curiosity for their world, give you an endless supply of activities to put together based on your child’s interests, and encourage imaginative, playful interactions with nature to help your child develop a true love and appreciation for our Mother Earth.

Inside, you’ll find…

  • Everything You Need – Right at Home – A simple supply list makes it easy for you to create and set up any of the activities from the curriculum with great ease! No special orders or additional supplies needed!
  • Help Your Child Connect to the World -Through literature, personal connections, and fun activities, your child will understand their place in the world around them, connecting to others and, ultimately, themselves.
  • Develop Your Child’s Unique Creativity -With themes that focus on helping your child understand their uniqueness, they will embrace their creative selves and develop a personal sense of curiosity, creativity, and joy!
  • Support and Inspiration – All purchases come with access to our Facebook support group, where you, me, and lots of other families provide inspiration to follow your child’s lead, encourage their own interests, and feel confident that you’re teaching them meaningful material!
  • Professionally Designed – With two Masters of Education in Reading and Curriculum Writing, dual teaching certifications, educator awards, and (most importantly) being a homeschooling mom of a two, this curriculum is designed by an author with the most specific professional and personal qualifications!
  • Accessible Downloads – This digital curriculum will be available for download as soon as you complete your purchase! No waiting for the mail- you’ll have everything you need within minutes. The curriculum is broken down by individual themes inside the seasonal folders, making it easy and quick to access exactly the section that you are looking for!

Want to learn more about how A Child’s World Curriculum is developed?

CLICK HERE to read all about the process of development, what to expect when you use this curriculum, and some other FAQs from families just like yours!

Disclaimer: Due to the unreturnable nature of digital content, no refunds will be accepted for this curriculum for any reason. This content is NOT eligible for resale.




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