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AUTUMN SPECIAL! Want to check out all of the awesomeness that A Child’s World has to offer, but want to explore it a little first before getting the entire thing? Grab the Autumn Collection Special and spend the season diving into all of the amazing adventures and explorations that this one-of-a-kind curriculum has to offer!

With the Autumn Collection, you will receive five complete curriculum themes from A Child’s World Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum that are perfect for Fall seasonal exploration! PLUS a bonus gift sent your way too!

Why Explore the Autumn Collection?

We believe that all children are adventurers and explorers at heart. And that it is through this innate sense of curiosity and wonder that real, meaningful learning happens. In A Child’s World, children are free to explore the world around them, and you as the parent and teacher get to watch the magic happen. Each theme is designed with child-led learning experiences to get your children interacting with nature and growing in their own unique ways. Come explore.

What’s Inside a Theme?

Inside each nature-inspired theme, you’ll find everything you need to inspire your child to create, build, investigate, learn, and explore the natural world around them. The activities are designed for easy use, so everything you need can typically be found outside, in your kitchen, or with basic art/craft supplies. Very few things require additional prep! Each theme contains the following categories of activities: a book list with our favorite themed books, a literacy lesson to improve early literacy skills, nature explorations, science experiments, art activities, math connections, sensory play, and a themed recipe (to boost those healthy eating skills!).

Included in the Autumn Collection

AUTUMN – Autumn is a beautiful, transitional change of seasons. With the colors changing and the temperatures dropping, it is a truly wonderful time for a child to be able to explore in nature. This theme will investigate and learn about those changes that your children will easily be able to see. Some of the activities your child will be exploring are leaf sorting and identification, creating fall spice paints, autumn sensory exploration, awesome leaf science experiments, exploring leaf symmetry, and so much more!

TREES – This theme offers a variety of activities to help you teach your child about the basic structure of a tree, the differences in varieties of trees, the importance of trees to our world, and how trees grow and change. There is nothing quite as important to our survival and happy life on Earth than the trees. With activities such as Mirror Trees, Parts of a Tree Sort, andGrowing a Crystal Treeyou and your child will never be able to look at a tree the same way again! And did I mention the included recipe for Tree Ring Cookies?

SPACE – Young children have a natural wonder and curiosity about what lies in the great unknown! This theme addresses a lot of those questions that your child naturally has. Your child will learn and explore constellations, how the Moon and Earth orbit, about other planets, and what it’s like to go into outer space! With activities such as Solar System Chalk Rings, Smashing Moon Rocks, and an Anti-Gravity Experiment (plus the delightful Moon Cake recipe), your Space themed study will be “out of this world!”

ROCKS – In this theme, your child will learn about identifying types of rocks, animal life that is dependent on rocks for shelter, and will discover the importance of rocks to our natural environment. A rock is something that is so simple, and something that your child is likely to encounter on a daily basis. With activities such as Wire Wrapped Rocks, Rock Identification, and an Erosion Study, your child’s pockets are likely to become even MORE filled with rocks than usual. You’re welcome.

RAINFOREST – This theme celebrates the wonderful and amazing animals and plants found in the rainforest with fun sensory activities, hands-on science, and creative art. The books recommended are all bright and colorful, doing a fantastic job of helping your child get a visual image of the amazing wildlife that lives in the rainforest. Some of the activities your child will explore in this amazing theme are discovering the rainforest with their senses, navigating through jungle “vines,” creating rainforest creatures in the art studio, and so much more!

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