Year of Morning Invitations Calendar




Wish you had a fresh, but easy idea for every day of the year? 
✨ Your wish is my command! ✨
Jumpstart your mornings by engaging your children with morning invitations during their most “turned on” time of the day, while you still get time to drink some coffee and get the day started.
This Year of Morning Invitations Calendar comes with:
– 12 Printable Calendars, designated by season
– 372 Unique Ideas (yep, gotcha extras just incase)
– Easy to Set-Up, all with stuff you have at home
– Only $1 a month for a short time (until January 1, 2020)
PRINTING NOTE: Make sure your print settings are set to Landscape and “Fit to Printable Area” for optimal printing. 
Want to learn more about the power of the Morning Invitation? Read this helpful article: MORNING INVITATIONS


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