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Living in Oregon, we have a significantly long rainy season to deal with each year. Obviously, my family gets outdoors in any kind of weather, so having the appropriate gear for doing so is incredibly important. And gear that lets us stay outside longer without getting wet and cold is the best!

That’s why we LOVE our Biddle and Bop rainsuits! Biddle and Bop sent us their one-piece and two-piece rainsuits to test out and I have to say – of all the rain gear we’ve tested in our two years here, these are hands-down our favorites. My youngest actually asks to wear his “elephant suit” on bright, sunny days just because he loves the way it feels! Here he is pretending to be “Raindolph!” (Yes, he came up with that on his own, lol!)

Now you might be asking yourself – there are billions of rainsuits out there – what makes Biddle and Bop so special? Well, three things specifically (not including the fact that those elephants are the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen)…

Durability – You can tell as soon as you pick these up that they are made with a high-quality fabric. As a seamstress myself, I can tell you that they are incredibly well-made. My sons have put these things to the ultimate kid tests – climbing trees, laying down in puddles, jumping, running, etc. – and they still look and feel brand new. A far cry from the cheaper suits we’ve purchased in the past!

Skin-Friendly – Sadly, when you purchase many of the rainsuits on the market today, you are also buying a bunch of harsh and potentially harmful chemicals to put on your little one’s skin. That isn’t something you have to worry about with Biddle and Bop. Biddle and Bop rainsuits are free from harmful substances such as PVC, fluorine substances, nickel, AZO dyes, and flame retardants. With as much time as my babies are going to spend in these suits each year, that sure gives this mama a sigh of relief!

Sizing – Biddle and Bop suits are specially designed to grow with your child. The straps on the bottom of the suits are adjustable to allow for multiple growth spurts. Choosing the right size is super easy too – all you have to do is measure your child’s standing height and convert it to centimeters. Boom. Done. Obviously a two-piece is going to last you a bit longer than a one-piece, but both will easily fit my kids through several rainy seasons.

After testing these out ourselves, I can definitely say that Biddle and Bop rainsuits are well-worth the investment, and I can’t imagine I’ll be buying any other brand in the future!

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I’ll leave you with this “Rainsuit Song” that my oldest penned in celebration of his newly loved Biddle and Bop rainsuit…

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Disclaimer: I was given complimentary Biddle and Bop products for the purpose of facilitating my review. All opinions expressed are mine and were not influenced by the company or it’s affiliates in any way.