Creating an Outdoor Play Space that ROCKS

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Creating an Outdoor Play Space that ROCKS

Water. Loose Parts. Plant Life.

What do these three things have in common? Well, they’re three essential components of an absolutely amazing outdoor playspace! SO much learning happens when your child is exploring nature and manipulating the materials that they find interesting. Observing bugs, digging in the earth, comparing leaves, transferring objects, pouring water… think of how many different brain processes are taking place when your child is doing all of these play-based activities outside!

Now, I know that not everyone lives where they can get to the woods or mountains or beaches within a reasonable distance, so here are my top three tips for creating an outdoor playspace at home that can mimic a natural landscape and give your child all of those beneficial opportunities to play and explore. (All of these can be easily adapted to suit every space, from the smallest of apartment balconies to the biggest yards!)