#150hoursoutside Project

I’m a bit of an “idea person.” I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for all kinds of things, most of which never actually come to fruition. But every now and then, an idea comes to me that is just so amazing, it consumes all of my mind and heart power until I make it a reality. The #150hoursoutside Project is one of those ideas.

You see, one of my greatest missions is to encourage more families and schools to get their children outdoors and learning through the beauty and wonder of nature. Over the years I believe I have succeeded in doing this through my curriculum, courses, challenges, workshops, etc. However, I’ve been feeling lately like there hasn’t been quite as much impact as I’d like there to be. And then, completely randomly one morning while I was simultaneously making breakfast for my kids and chatting with a friend online, this concept came to me. I sat with it and journaled out ideas for about a week, and the #150hoursoutside Project was born.

So, what is this #150hoursoutside Project anyway?

I have seen so many families set goals of spending more time outdoors each year, but either they run out of ideas or they run out of motivation far too quickly. With the #150hoursoutside Project, there will be built-in motivation to succeed and encouragement from the collective hive mind to reach your goal and actually enjoy being outdoors with your family or class.

When you join the #150hoursoutside Project, you commit to the goal of spending at least 150 hours outside in 2019. While that might sound like a lot, it averages to less that 30 minutes a day, or less than 3 hours a week. Totally doable! If that goal doesn’t seem lofty enough for you, you can totally set a higher personal goal, but it’s a great place to start where you can feel like you not only made a difference for your own children, but a collective difference in the world by encouraging others to get outside themselves!

I love it! How do I join the #150hoursoutside Project?

Are you excited about the idea? Yes? Congrats, you’re officially “IN.” Really though, there’s no official “signup” for this – it’s something each person will individually manage. However, there are several ways that you can share your progress, share ideas, and publicly commit to joining this project:

  1. Commit to spending 150 hours (or more!) outside with your family in 2019 by joining the #150hoursoutside Project Email List. This isn’t necessary to participate, but it’ll help you get some helpful tips and encouragement to your inbox throughout the year!
  2. SHARE on your social media accounts that you’re IN on the #150hoursoutside Project! You can share this post, screenshot the image and share it, and most importantly, use the hashtag #150hoursoutside every time you’re outside with your kids this year!
  3. Join the #150hoursoutside Project Facebook Group! We all need inspiration, accountability, and support when we set a new goal, and that’s exactly what this group is going to be for. We’ll be sharing new ideas, setting a collective group goal, tallying up our weekly time outside together, meeting local friends to make outdoor time easier to say yes to, etc. Join the group here.
  4. Get awesome outdoor ideas through the Your Natural Learner Forest School Programs! Want to get your hours in in one super epic outing each week? The 12-week Forest School Programs that I’ve written (currently for Cool and Warm Weather) are a great way to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your outdoor time. These are especially amazing for families or groups that feel they need additional support in spending quality time in nature.Now… Mother Nature doesn’t discriminate who gets to spend time enjoying her beauty and wonder, so I don’t want to do that either. If your family or school is on a fixed or low-income budget, I want to make sure that you have the option to utilize my Forest School resources for the children in your home, program, or community. I’m now offering a pay-what-you-can option for both of my Forest School Curriculums. No discussion or documentation required – you decide what you can afford, and help spread my goal of getting more children outdoors and expanding their learning through nature. Explore those options here.
  5. Determine how you’re going to keep track of your hours spent outside. I’ll be keeping track of our community hours by tallying each week (on Saturdays) throughout the year. You just need to be in charge of keeping your own tallies! This post has several awesome printables and ideas.

I am SO excited to launch this project, and I hope you’ll join my family on this journey of spending #150hoursoutside in 2019! I’ll be sharing resources, ideas, and big goals in our Facebook group and via email! Stay tuned!