Month of Magic Day Eleven: Favorite Tech Resources for Kids Guide

One of the biggest myths that I encounter in the world of natural learning is that just because we love nature and following our children’s natural leads that we have to stay far away from technology. That’s simply not true, and firmly not our belief system here at Your Natural Learner.

I believe that technology is one of the most valuable tools that exist for natural learners! Giving our kids the opportunity to identify something new that they discovered in nature, connect with cultures around the world, see images of times past, and have access to knowledge about coding, outer space, and thousands upon thousands of good books…. I mean, how could that not be amazing?!

We talk all about using technology in meaningful ways in my course Grow Your Natural Learner, and today, I’m giving away a guide to some of my absolute favorite technology resources for natural learning with kids!

Click here to get your favorite tech resources guide!

In this guide, you’ll find an awesome website and app for every subject area! So download your copy and dive in to find something new and exciting to explore with your kids!

And, if you want to learn even more about my views on technology, give a listen to this podcast episode on Screens that I recorded with Sage Parenting!