It’s that time of year again! Time for the Holiday Gift Guide, especially for your adventurous, curious natural learners! Instead of scrambling at the last minute, fighting the crowds, or worrying about picking out that “perfect gift” for the natural learner in your life, check out this carefully curated list of my favorite gifts that you’ll find under my tree this year! This is also a great link to pass along to grandparents or family members who are asking for ideas for the kids, especially when you don’t want to fill your home with more plastic junk.

This list is broken down into some “must-haves” for all of your natural learners, other fun gift ideas, and even gifts for the parents (the holidays aren’t just for kids, after all!). Even better… most of the gifts that you’ll find on the list this year are from small, family-run businesses, who literally do a happy dance with each order and item that are purchased. As a small, family business myself, I know how special it feels to be supported in the work that I do. So… get your scroll on, shop these amazing natural learning gifts, and make sure to share the gift guide with your friends and family!

Ok, let’s begin with the HOLIDAY MUST-HAVE GIFTS!

  1. Polarn O. Pyret – The official sponsor of our Holiday Gift Guide this year is here to provide you with all of the stylish, yet functional and cozy outerwear that your children will need for a year of outdoor exploration. From the warmest parkas and wool layers for the coldest days to the light jackets and fleece-lined shirts for the random temperate days of Winter, P.O.P. is sure to have everything you could need to delight your littles with a gift that’s useful too! They don’t JUST provide outerwear either… just wait til you see the amazing designs of their various clothing selections. Check out their newest selection of outerwear today.Polarn O. Pyret is offering my readers 30% OFF with coupon code FFPOP through December 15th!

    Want to learn more about this incredible company? Follow along with P.O.P. on Facebook and Instagram for up to date news and sales!

  2. Stick-lets – Yep… these amazing fort-builders are back on our list once again, because they are JUST THAT COOL! The older my children get, the more Stick-lets seems to be more of our favorite outdoor (and indoor) playthings. Stick-lets are strong and flexible silicone joints used to create anything you can imagine using sticks (or anything sturdy enough, really – my kids love using PVC pipes!) while strengthening STEM skills.You can currently save 20% off the following awesome sets: 6-pc Hexa Set, 18-pc Mega Set, 10-pc Camo Set, and the 90-pc Classroom Set (ideal for those of you who lead nature groups, forest meetups, homeschool groups, etc.).

    Stick-lets is kindly offering Your Natural Learner readers an additional holiday discount for 20% off all kits! Use code: NATURAL20 at checkout through December 17th. One use per customer, no minimum required.

    Make sure to follow Stick-lets on FacebookInstagram, and Vimeo for inspirational ideas for outdoor play!

  3. Water and Lightning Toy Company – You might remember these lovely natural wooden toys from a feature we did on them a few years back. Though my boys are older now, they still thoroughly enjoy using their Water and Lightning toys in various playscapes and imaginary scenarios (and I just have to say – for the amount of heavy play toys get in this house, I am baffled at how well these toys have held up! They still look brand new over 2.5 years later!)Water and Lightning’s Sticks & Stones were inspired by the amazing things that you find on the ground while exploring the outdoors. Each set comes with two sticks and six stone-shaped blocks in different shapes and sizes. The blocks were designed and handcrafted to be one of a kind.

    To learn more and to follow along with Water and Lightning, visit them on FacebookInstagram, and on Twitter for tons of ideas for outdoor play!

  4. Kids Moon Club – This incredible yearly subscription package from Wilder Child is an amazing gift idea for all natural learning families! At the start of the 2020 lunar cycle (which actually begins on December 19th this year!), and every new moon throughout the year, Club members will gain access to a new Full Moon Collection delivered digitally, for a total of 13 delivered collections! All Collections contain art activities, stories, recipes, and more! The Club includes everything you need to inspire your moon children, throw thirteen magical full moon celebrations, and connect throughout the month in a private Facebook community with other Kids Moon Club families.To learn more about Nicolette and her amazing work with the Kids Moon Club and more, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and in her inspiring Wildschooling Facebook Group.

  5. Sunshine Buddies – These adorable little creatures by Beloved Family Traditions are here to teach your little one all about character qualities, while adding a delightful element of play and joy to the learning experience. Cinzia Chipmunk is the first of the series, and will certainly delight your child as they learn about orderliness!You may remember Lisa, the creator behind the Sunshine Buddies, for her work in creating the Pocket Bears for our 150 Hours Outside Project this year! After hand-stitching over 100 Pocket Bears for us, I know she’s super excited to be branching out into the Sunshine Buddies Project, and I for one can’t wait to get my hands on the chipmunk I already ordered!

    Follow along with Lisa (and see some sneak peeks of the Sunshine Buddies to come) on Instagram and Facebook.

Some other favs this year….

  1. Whizz Pop Bang Magazine – We have started and stopped a lot of subscriptions for my children over the years, because the excitement and engagement always wanes. Not with Whizz Pop Bang! My oldest son (8) still does a happy dance back from the mailbox every month when his new magazine arrives. The balance of easy-to-read and understand scientific articles, exciting and fun activities, and the careful consideration of kid-friendly science topics makes this, in my opinion, the best kid’s magazine out there. Add to this the fact that they send parents an email every month before the magazine arrives with a list of all the things they’ll need to conduct the activities in the magazine, and baby you have a real WINNER.
  2. Right Brained Mom – Love loose parts play and want to bring more fun and excitement to your little one’s daily exploration? My mind is constantly blown by the creativity that flows out of Brandon’s shop! Seriously, I want to just run away to her workshop and forest and play like a kid for hours. Transform your child’s play and learning environment with these beautiful hand-made creations. With gorgeous colors, lots of differently shaped pieces, and tons of imagination at hand, these will be some of the most loved gifts under your tree.
  3. Big Life Journal – This might be one of the gifts under our tree this year that I’m most excited about. If you’re a parent of an upper elementary aged kid or pre-teen, it’s no secret to you that there are a WHOLE lot of emotions that come along with that stage of life. The Big Life Journal is a fantastic way to help your child learn about these feelings, give names and reasons to their big emotions, process through them in healthy ways, and communicate effectively with others. I especially love all of the additional printables and helpful resources for both parents and kids that come from this company. For parents with teens/older kids, they have a version of the BLJ just for them too!
  4. Magnetic Tiles – I keep waiting for the day when these beloved toys will no longer be the favorite in our home…. but I just don’t see an end in sight. There are many brands of these available, but we prefer Picasso Tiles (linked) for the lower cost and variety in colors. Every day it feels like my children are creating new and imaginative things with these magnetic tiles, and you just can’t ever have enough packs of them. The more you add, the more elaborate the creations! These are sure to be a favorite under your tree this year, even if you already have a set (or two or three).
  5. Gnomes at Night Cooperative Board Game – I truly agonized over which game to put on this list this year, as I take board games very seriously! In the end though, Gnomes at Night has created more joy, collaboration, and laughter than any other game in our home this year, so it had to get my final vote! My oldest son (8) absolutely loves it, and my youngest (5 and a half) is just about able to play completely independently. Highly recommend this game for any family with kids around my boys’ ages and up! For the record, the runner up games this year were GalactiQuestChickapig, and Trekking the National Parks.

Don’t forget the parents! 

  1. Grow Your Natural Learner Course – Still need to add something to your wish list this Christmas? Make it this! Hosted by yours truly, this once-a-year 12-week transformational course will help you design a natural learning experience for your family that is exactly what you dream about. We work together in a community setting to learn, explore, discover, and create a natural learning experience for your family that works exactly for your unique learners, offering support and inspiration along the way. If you’ve been feeling like things aren’t going exactly like you’ve been hoping this natural learning/homeschooling thing would go, you need Grow Your Natural Learner! Doors close December 23rd.
  2. Sage Parenting’s Bucket System Workshop – You’ve probably seen Rachel and I collaborate numerous times over the years, and that’s because her work for gentle parenting is my absolute fav. This is one of her best creations yet, and a workshop that you should definitely gift yourself, ask a partner or grandparent for as a gift, or gift to one of your mama friends. Rachel’s Bucket System is a revolutionary way to encourage your children to participate in household tasks without the dreaded chore charts, nagging to-do lists, or those awful sticker charts. You get access to a super helpful guide to setting up the system and access to Sage Parenting’s private Facebook group for ongoing support!
  3. 2020 150 Hours Outside Project Calendar – I couldn’t be more excited to announce the arrival of the 150 Hours Outside Project 2020 Calendar! If you were a part of this revolutionary project in 2019, then you may have seen that we logged over 1.5 million hours outside with tens of thousands of families in over 40 countries around the world. AMAZING! To celebrate those milestones and gear up for an even more amazing 2020, there is a printed calendar available for you to hang in your home and celebrate the beauty of the outdoors all year long.

And there you have it! Simple, enjoyable, natural gifts for all of the natural learners in your life. I’d love to hear what other small businesses you’ll be supporting this year! Share in the comments below!

Oh… and don’t forget to grab a copy of the Christmas theme from A Child’s World Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum to explore holiday-focused natural learning all month long!