Your Natural Learner Curriculum is developed around the philosophy of natural learning.

Natural learning is a philosophy that encompasses two major beliefs:

  1. Children develop skills and learn according to their own natural rhythms and timelines, and we trust that each child is capable of learning on their own continuum and in their own time and their own unique way.
  2. The environment and culture of learning built around the child provides them with everything that they need to successfully grow and discover all that they need to learn.

Your Natural Learner supports these beliefs by offering children the opportunity to develop new ideas and understanding in a flexible learning environment, to learn based on their interests and needs, and to be able to freely explore for as long and as deep as necessary within each activity and realm of understanding.

This curriculum was developed to support parents and educators that want to give their children the opportunity to freely explore the world around them and develop at their own unique and natural pace, without the influence of unnecessary (and un-fun!) experiences of worksheets, desk work, and adult-driven learning.

Every academic standard your child needs is here.

Although the overall focus of Your Natural Learner Curriculum is not to focus solely on academic growth, but to develop and attend to the whole child, it is, after all, a learning curriculum. When this curriculum was created, we took great lengths to research and develop a program that not only allowed full flexibility and child-led learning, but also took into consideration all of the important academic concepts that children “should” be learning.

This is extremely helpful for parents and educators who are required to document the learning journey that their children are on, and we wanted to make that process as easy as possible. You will not need to supplement your child’s learning journey with any other curriculum resources to ensure that all-important content is being covered. Your Natural Learner Curriculum covers it all. BOOM.

Throughout this curriculum, your child will explore every necessary content area, including Literacy (all areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Creativity (Art, Music, etc.). Throughout the curriculum you will find helpful information to guide both your personal understanding of your child’s learning, as well as everything you need to document your homeschooling journey for state/local approval.