Get ready to homeschool your independent & confident first grader!

What does your first grader need?

Your first grader is ready to do everything all by themselves now as their independence and confidence soars. They need a safe space in which to test that independence and explore their place in the world.
In the Your Natural Learner First Grade Curriculum, your child will get to fully embrace that feeling of discovering how big and wide the world around them is, while figuring out exactly how they fit into it as a unique individual. With themes designed to take your child on a journey of self-expression and personal exploration, there is an entire year of self-discovery ahead for your big learner!
  • The integrated curriculum includes 9 themes that include exploration of all subjects: Literacy & Language, Art & Expression, Math Connections, Science Experiments, Social Studies, and Natural Exploration.
  • Themes include an overview, a list of skills covered, learning focuses for each subject, how to know your child is learning, and additional resources and book lists.
  • Each curriculum includes an Introduction that covers child development, natural learning philosophy, how to set up your learning space, and tips for sequencing the themes.
  • You’ll also receive guidance on navigating assessment and being a good observer. 
  • Access to our community Facebook group to connect and learn with other families learning with Your Natural Learner. (Homeschool support membership with Leah is available by appointment only. Join the waitlist here.)

Nine Flexible Themes to Guide You

The nine themes in this curriculum are structured in a way that allows you to flexibly choose the activities that you integrate into your daily routines with your child. The categories in each theme are Literacy Skills, Math Explorations, Science Experiments, Creative Expressions, Nature Adventures, and Social Connections.

Check out the nine unique themes and their covered skills below:

My Body

Skills covered in this theme:

Literacy: text features, non-fiction text reading, verbs

Mathematics: measurement, addition (simple and complex), place value, more/less than, time

Science/Nature: body systems, healthy/diet, body autonomy, dental health, germs, exercise, parts of the plant

Art/Creativity: models, figure study Social Studies mentorship, learning from experts Other discussion skills, sharing your learning

Homeschooling Tip: Start with One Activity a Day 

Stick with about one activity per day, varying which category you choose from. Too many activities packed into one day can feel overwhelming and cause you to lose the opportunity to bring various ideas and discussions to the table when fully exploring one activity at a time. Connection, meaningful context, & freedom to explore is key. 

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Join a Learning Lab! Explore a Science activity from the My Body Theme with us.

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