Get ready to homeschool your curious & capable Pre-K/Kindergartener!

What does your Pre-K/Kindergartener need?

Your little one is in one of the most curious stages of their life! They need flexibility and an open-ended environment to gently guide their curiosity into capability.
In the Your Natural Learner Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum, that insatiable curiosity that your child has is met at every turn. Through hands-on activities, nature and sensory exploration, and a world of themes to match every possible interest or question your child might have, you will be ever-prepared to provide a natural learning experience for your little one.
  • This integrated curriculum includes 21 themes that include exploration of all subjects: Literacy & Language, Art & Expression, Math Connections, Science Experiments, Social Studies, Natural World Exploration, and Fun Food Experiences.
  • All themes include an overview, a list of skills covered, learning focuses for each subject, how to know your child is learning, and additional resources and books lists.
  • Includes an Introduction that covers child development, natural learning philosophy, how to set up your learning space, and tips for sequencing the themes.
  • Access to our community Facebook group to connect and learn with other families learning with Your Natural Learner. (Homeschool support membership with author, Leah McDermott, is available by appointment only. Join the waitlist here.)

21 Themes to Explore Throughout the Early Years!


Inside this Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum, you’ll find 21 themes that support your child’s natural inclination to discover the world they see right at their fingertips. These themes can be revisited over and over again in the early years to allow your child to continue bringing their new knowledge and interests to the table. Together, you’ll explore: Autumn, Trees, Rainforest, Rocks, Space, Winter, Light, Ice, Arctic, Holiday, Spring, Weather, Flowers, Eggs, Earth, Birds, Summer, Ocean Life, Garden, Bugs, and Colors. 

Hint: This curriculum is designed to last several years. 

While 1st-3rd grade Your Natural Learner curriculums each have 9 themes, the Pre-K & Kindergarten really is a two-for-one deal. It’s meant to be used year-round working through one theme per month or so throughout the entire early years journey. There is no rush & you can revisit the material again & again. 

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Encourage Your Child’s Natural Sense of Wonder and Curiosity! 

All you want is something that lets your curious little explorer follow their heart and fill their heads with joyful knowledge about the world around them. Oh.. and something that doesn’t require a lot of resources and time because you’re human and wearing quite enough hats already, thank you very much!

Welcome to Your Natural Learner. 

Join a Learning Lab! Explore an Art Activity from the SPACE theme with us!

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