Get ready to homeschool your smart & inquisitive second grader!

What does your Second Grader need?


In the Your Natural Learner Second Grade Curriculum, we take this soaring literacy developmental period very seriously! The entire curriculum is centered around the idea that your child is developing these immense new powers, and walks your child through a journey of literary discovery through nine different genres. From diving into someone else’s life in the Biography theme to exploring self-expression in the Poetry theme, your child will have the opportunity to find those genres and topics that truly excite them – setting them up for a lifelong love of reading and learning!

  • This integrated curriculum includes 9 themes that include exploration of all subjects: Literacy & Language, Art & Expression, Math Connections, Science Experiments, Social Studies, and Nature Explorations.
  • Themes include an overview, a list of skills covered, learning focuses for each subject, how to know your child is learning, a comprehensive final project in each theme, and additional resources and books list.
  • This curriculum covers all academic standards and will provide guidance submitting documentation as required by your state/local Department of Education. 
  • Each curriculum includes an Introduction that covers child development, natural learning philosophy, how to set up your learning space, and tips for sequencing the themes.

Nine Flexible Themes that Weave Together

The nine themes in this curriculum are structured in a way that allows you to flexibly choose the activities that you integrate into your daily routines with your child. The categories in each theme are Math Explorations, Science Experiments, Creative Expressions, Literacy Explorations, Nature Adventures, and Social Connections.

Each theme highlights one book that you will read throughout the duration of the theme, in conjunction with many of the activities, and has associated comprehension questions. With all of the main content categories, you can bounce around and plan activities in a way that best fits your schedule, resources, and child’s interests and questions. Every theme wraps up with a final project to culminate the genre exploration in a fun and creative way.

Modern Fiction

Skills Covered in this Theme

Literacy: story mapping, complex story plots, comprehension

Math: area and perimeter, spatial reasoning, symmetry, geometry, fractions

Science: robotics, coding, technology skills, circuits, machines

Art & Creativity: recycled art, portraits, collage, process art

Social Studies: empathy, communication, global warming, solving complex problems

Other: human connection to nature, survival skills


Homeschooling Tip: Follow Your Child’s Pace

It is my recommendation that you stick with about one activity, maybe two, per day, varying which category you choose from. Too many activities packed into one day can feel overwhelming and cause you to lose the opportunity to bring various ideas and discussions to the table when fully exploring one activity at a time.

Ready for a closer look?

Join a Learning Lab! Understanding Waterways Science activity from the POETRY Theme

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