Navigating Big Feelings with A Child’s World Curriculum

I am honored today to share a story from Sarah Chase and her family about how using the My Feelings Theme from A Child’s World First Grade Curriculum helped her family navigate some big feelings that her son was going through.

First grade time is a huge time of emotional growth and development! The entire curriculum focuses on your child and who they are as a unique individual in this great big world around them. I intentionally added a theme about feelings and emotions into the First Grade curriculum to help guide children through these big and sometimes scary feelings that they might be having. This was exactly what Sarah and her son needed during a trying transitional time for their family. Here is their story….

This subject came at a crucial time for my family. After a year of being a stay at home dad, my husband returned to work. He and I were very happy about this decision, but our son wasn’t so keen on the transition. We saw outbursts of anger, crying spells, and he would fight to control anything that he could. We knew it was because of the big change, but it was hard to get a sense of what to do. 

Then, I flipped through the “My Feelings” theme from the First Grade A Child’s World Curriculum and let out a sigh of relief. I already had the building blocks to help my son navigate through his emotions and help him learn how to cope with them, but this curriculum would help me put them to use in a fun, meaningful way. When I saw that the book “What do you do with a Problem” by Kobi Yamada was on the list, I immediately bought it. Generally, we go to the library to find different books, but we owned another by Yamada and I was so excited for the second book! The day we got it, we read through it together and opened up a dialogue about the different problems he felt like he was going through, and what we could do about them. It was the perfect introduction to the subject of feelings, especially given our then current situation. 

From math activities that helped to distract him and learn new language for describing feelings, to daily drawings of what was on his mind, to yoga becoming part of our mornings again, this curriculum really helped us open up and talk about things more constructively, and I started to see an improvement in his mood. Of course, he’s still in a period of transition and misses his dad while he works, but now we have a great line of communication and activities to help. Thank you, Leah, for including “My Feelings” as part of the first grade curriculum. 


Thank you, Sarah, for sharing this story!

If you too would like the opportunity to explore feelings and more through your child’s first grade year, check out A Child’s World First Grade Curriculum today! See some awesome sneak peeks from the curriculum below: