5 Steps to Action-Packed Goal Setting for Homeschoolers

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Feeling a bit like you’re in a rut lately with your homeschooling routine?

Do you wish you could wake up every morning with excitement to start your day and learn WITH your kids?

This is the post for you…

I totally know that feeling. But you know what? It’s Totally. Normal.


December/January is a really common time of year for homeschooling families to start feeling burned out. So the very first thing I’m going to recommend to you is… Take a break! One of the most amazing benefits of homeschooling is that YOU set your schedule. Stress doesn’t help anyone learn anything productive, so take a break, enjoy the holidays with your family, and set some BIG action-packed goals for 2016!

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today…. my signature 5-step process to setting and achieving BIG goals with homeschooling (or, really, you can apply these goals to anything in life)

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First… why is it important to set goals?

When we set specific goals, we’re actually more likely to achieve them as opposed to just wandering aimlessly in a forward, or worse… backward, direction. Goals help you find momentum and gives you something motivating to work towards.

Ok, now, for real… my 5 Steps to Rocking Your New Year Planning!

1. Check in with your current goals.

What were your three big goals for 2015 or the 2015/2016 school year? What needs to be revised or removed?  Things change and that’s ok! Being flexible is so important and a big key to homeschooling success! What goals would you like to add to your list for 2016? Make sure they are measurable – you want to be able to *know* when you’ve reached your goal. Every goal can be measured, for example, maybe your goal is to read to your child more. To make sure you’re taking actions towards that though, perhaps you set a goal of “Read at least 5 days a week” or “Read a total of 15 books a week”, etc. This helps you determine if you’re actually meeting these goals and if they need to be revised when you revisit them periodically.

2. Evaluate your physical learning space.

This might not seem like it has anything to do with goal-setting; but if you aren’t working in an environment that is conducive to learning, you will have a harder time feeling successful, thus a harder time meeting your goals. So, every time you reevaluate your goals, I always recommend taking a look at your physical space as well. Where does your family do most of your school/learning work? What feels good? What isn’t used like you expected? What would you like to change or add to your space to make it more productive? What elements of a learning space are important to you, and how can you work those changes into your goals for 2016?

3. Consult your child.

It is their learning experience, after all! No matter how young or old your child, it is super important to include them in goal setting! This allows you to take into account things like their interests, the ways they prefer learning, what excites them, what they DON’T enjoy, etc. What goals does your child have for themselves this year and how can you work that into your personal goals for them?

4. Make your daily planning action-oriented.

What do I mean by this? To put it simply: you should have daily goals set for yourself that move you closer to your larger goals. And these daily goals are NOT your To-Do List! Personally, I like to set three goals for myself every day. Actually, we do this as a family each morning over coffee and breakfast, each choosing three goals so that we can help each other out, hold each other accountable, etc. But I don’t put “fold laundry” on my goals list… because folding laundry isn’t going to move me closer to my goals! Keep your monthly or yearly goals in mind and set goals for each day that actually will help you move that needle closer to your goals.

5. Plan with intention.

Don’t forget to access your mental and/or spiritual side when you are setting goals and planning for action. As a homeschooling parent, especially as a mother, you have a unique intuition about your child and family – you know what feels right and doesn’t. So, regardless of what your curriculum or lesson plans or homeschooling peer group might be saying, make sure to take time when you’re goal setting to bring some intention to the goals. Focus on Gratitude Practice – being thankful for what you have accomplished – and don’t forget about self-care! This helps avoid burnout.

Also – make sure you hop over to my FREEBIES page and grab your Goal Worksheet. 

Most of all, remember:

You can do this. 

You can wake up every morning with joy and excitement to learn with your child.

You can set BIG goals and make action-packed plans to make the most of each and every learning opportunity.