Month of Magic Day Four: Best Indoor Plants Guide

Today in our Month of Magic giveaway, we’re talking about one of the easiest ways to bring more nature into your learning space – bringing in some indoor plants!

If you don’t already have plants in your learning space (or all around your home, for that matter), this is one of the most important things you can do to increase your child’s exposure to nature. When they have a chance to care for plants in their own environment they are more likely to take responsibility for nature. Not to mention, when you bring plants indoors you are *literally* growing fresh air!

If you want some help with bringing more nature to your child’s learning experience, there are tons of things that we have here at Your Natural Learner to support you!

First though, let’s get you your Month of Magic Freebie – a Best Indoor Plants with Kids List!

Today, you do it a little differently – instead of grabbing your freebie here, you get this freebie when you join our Facebook group – the Your Natural Learner Group! Once you’re in there, head to the Welcome note that’s pinned at the top and it’ll show you where to grab your free plants list! 

Now, here is some additional support for you if you’re trying to bring more nature to your kids:

1. If you’re wanting to add more natural decor, THIS BLOG POST will help you out with ideas for that.

2. If you want to bring more nature into the actual learning space itself, THIS BLOG POST gives you five simple ideas for this.

3. If you’re feeling up to a challenge and want to infuse nature and natural learning into your entire learning experience, check out the Nature Hack Your Learning Space course, which is a small portion of our incredible course Grow Your Natural Learner.

4. Finally, if you want nature to become a complete part of all of your learning with your children, my curriculum, A Child’s World, bases the learning experiences on natural child development and nature itself. Materials are available for Pre-K/Kindergarten, First Grade, Second Grade, and a Forest School program for mixed ages!

Make sure you hop back over here tomorrow to grab another awesome freebie in our Your Natural Learner Month of Magic! 

Grab this freebie in today’s Month of Magic giveaway!