Month of Magic Day Sixteen: Self-Care for Mamas That Doesn’t Cost an Arm and a Leg

You’ve heard a million times that “self-care is so important” and “make sure to make time for yourself” and “Girl, you need a spa day!”… or some version of “leave your kids and do something expensive by yourself”

But when we have tiny babies that we can’t leave, or no one to watch the kids, or no spare change leftover to do or buy something expensive… how do we indulge in self-care then?

The truth is that self-care doesn’t have to look like blowing the weekly grocery budget on something for yourself. Self-care can be anything at all that makes you feel good, even if it’s just for a few minutes!

I reached out to thousands of mamas in my community to find out their favorite ways to practice self-care that is either completely free or super cheap and compiled them together in this Self-Care Checklist! Grab it, print it, hang it on the fridge or bathroom mirror, and try them all out to find out what feels great to you and helps you recharge your mama batteries!

Click here to get your self-care checklist

If you have a mama friend that you know is stretched pretty thin lately, I highly recommend sharing this with her. And I’d love to hear what ways you indulge in self-care! Leave a comment below so other mamas that read this can get even more great ideas to add to their list.

Some things that feel good to me:
* Getting every piece of laundry in the house where it belongs and just staring at an empty washer and dryer for a few blissful seconds
* Taking a bath so hot that the kids don’t even WANT to get in with me
* Waking up just early enough to finish an entire cup of hot coffee in silence
* Spending a little extra time caring for our houseplants – trimming them, moving them around, dusting the leaves, talking to them
* Stepping outside for just a few minutes before going to bed to look at the stars and the moon
* Watching an old episode (or two) of Grey’s Anatomy