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What does your third grader need?

Oh, the feelings! This is a an age of huge social/emotional growth and your child is exploring all of those big feelings. They need the opportunity to focus on this growth alongside academic learning in order to fully absorb what you hope they will learn this year.
In the Your Natural Learner Third Grade Curriculum, we help you help your child, with a focus on those social and emotional development skills that are so desperately needed! The academic necessities are woven in seamlessly while you focus on helping your child develop self-regulation skills and emotional growth through themes that focus on things like Courage, Determination, and Humility. Your child will not only make it through this year, but walk into next year with tools that even many adults today are lacking!
  • This integrated curriculum includes 9 themes that include exploration of all subjects: Literacy & Language, Art & Expression, Math Connections, Science Experiments, Social Studies, Technology, and Fun Food Experiences.
  • All themes include an overview, a list of skills covered, learning focuses for each subject, how to know your child is learning, a comprehensive final project in each theme, and additional resources and books lists.
  • This curriculum covers all academic standards and will provide guidance submitting documentation as required by your state/local Department of Education. 
  • Access to our community Facebook group to connect and learn with other families learning with Your Natural Learner. (Homeschool support membership with author, Leah McDermott, is available by appointment only. Join the waitlist here.)

Nine Flexible Themes to Explore Together!

The nine themes in this curriculum are structured in a way that allows you to flexibly choose the activities that you integrate into your daily routines with your child. The categories in each theme are Math Explorations, Science Experiments, Creative Expressions, Literacy Explorations, and Social Connections.

Each theme begins with a selection of journal prompts to encourage self-reflection. With all of the main content categories, you can bounce around and plan activities in a way that best fits your schedule, resources, and child’s interests and questions. Every theme wraps up with a final project to culminate the theme exploration in a fun and creative way.


Skills Covered in this Theme

Literacy: journaling, parts of speech: ADJECTIVES, cause and effect, information writing, using a thesaurus, facts vs opinions

Math: measurements (refreshing knowledge of linear measurement and measuring liquid volumes), estimation, proper tool choices for measuring

Science: ocean life and ecosystems, symbiotic relationships in the animal kingdom, pollution and human impact on waters, water displacement

Art & Creativity:self-love, using art to spread joy, confidence in our creativity, color shading

Social Studies: civic issues of ocean protection, filtering our thoughts, problems and solutions

Other: consideration of others, online research and media literacy, researching an animal, information writing

Hint: This curriculum includes a final project/journal.

Once your child reaches 2nd Grade in Your Natural Learner Curriculum, they will end each theme with a comprehensive final project. Each project is designed uniquely and is meant to help your child wrap up their learning in a creative and inventive way, while giving you an opportunity to assess their comprehension of the material. 

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Every academic standard your child needs is met here.

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