Trainings and Workshops

One of the most meaningful ways that I connect and inspire changes through natural learning is through my private teacher trainings and workshops! When we work together to arrange a workshop, I come to your school (in person or virtually) and share my knowledge, research, experience, and practical application with your staff.

Literacy Workshop with Wonderschool in San Francisco

Included in the experience is the workshop itself, all associated materials, professional development credit hours for all attendees, and a followup email sequence for your staff – because I know all too well what it’s like to be inspired at a workshop but fall right back into the day-to-day operations of being a teacher and quickly losing the motivation to actually make changes that had me excited! If you schedule a virtual workshop, you will also receive a recording of the event to show absent staff or share with future hires. All workshops are 90 minutes long, though I recommend scheduling 2 hours to allow for discussion and questions.

Workshops are available to audiences of all sizes – I’ve worked with schools everywhere from just 3-4 teachers to over 150 staff members. The workshops are engaging, promote discussion and collaboration, and allow time for questions and personal experience sharing to make the most of our time together. Your teachers will leave motivated about how natural learning happens, renewed in the joy of their profession, and inspired to take massive action with the practical, hands-on ideas that I will share with them.

Most of my workshops are geared towards the Early Childhood through Early Elementary Educators. I have four workshops that I am currently leading for this community, which are outlined below. I can, upon request, create a custom workshop for your particular needs and staff as long as it is an area in which I have expertise to offer. See my bio for more information on my qualifications, research, and experience.

Interest-Led Learning Workshop with teachers of St. Gabriel Episcopal Preschool in Portland, OR

Currently Available Workshops:

Creating a Meaningful, Literacy Rich Learning Environment
In this workshop, we address literacy instruction in the Pre-K/early education environment. There is so much stress now on early ed programs to teach children literacy skills, yet developmentally we know that they just aren’t ready yet. We look closely at the research surrounding this issue, and I will then walk your staff through very specific methods of incorporating literacy methods and practices into everyday play and learning environments and experiences with their students.
Nature Hack Your Learning Space
During this workshop, we work through the research-based benefits of nature-inspired learning and what happens when your children spend time each day exploring with nature. The training then walks through a step-by-step process to seamlessly incorporate nature into your indoor classroom/school learning environment. We look at mostly things that can be incorporated through free or very cheap resources – creating a plan for short term and long term implementation of natural learning in the classroom.
Interest-Led Learning in the Classroom
In this workshop, we look at the Reggio-inspired notion that children learn best when they are learning based on their interests. While many teachers have this belief, they often find it very difficult to discover the interests of an entire group of students versus individually. This training walks teachers through the steps of observation, planning, assessment, and documentation – taking the joys of childrens’ interests and turning them into an actionable plan that allows for smooth classroom days!
Learning Through Play 
This workshop helps teachers see the benefits of play-based learning, and discover how to move beyond the fear of letting children self-discover and trust that children are very capable learners when given the environment and tools to succeed. We look at the research-based benefits of play, discuss how to set up the environment to promote play-based learning, the role of the educator, and assessment/documentation of play-based learning.
Designing Interest-Led Learning Focused Classrooms *NEW*
This workshop embraces the principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach and will walk staff through the following content: Intentional environments, Basic structure and flow of the classroom, Designated spaces, Organization and Flexibility, Adapting the environment based on student interests, and so much more. This is a highly engaging workshop that will have teachers and staff taking a hard look at their current classroom setup, evaluating their unique student needs, and immediately taking actions to adapt their environments to further student interests and engagement in the space.
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