Whether your priority is academically preparing your child for the future, fostering emotional intelligence, or giving them the freedom to be who they are each day - this curriculum is fit! That's because each academically-sound curriculum starts with the child in mind. This means that you get the structure and steps you need without putting your child in a box.

All the themes are flexible and you can choose to start with any one. Cumulatively, they all help support a major developmental milestone to help your child thrive.

We believe...

  • Children develop skills and learn according to their own natural rhythms and timelines, and we trust that each child is capable of learning on their own continuum and in their own time and their own unique way.
  • The environment and culture of learning built around the child provides them with everything that they need to successfully grow and discover all that they need to learn.

Your Natural Learner helps children develop new ideas and understanding in a flexible learning environment, to learn based on their interests and needs, and to be able to freely explore for as long and as deep as necessary within each activity and realm of understanding.

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What does your Kindergartener need?
Pre-K/KindergartenerYour little one is in one of the most curious stages of their life! They need flexibility and an open-ended environment to gently guide their curiosity into capability. In the Your Natural Learner Pre-K/Kindergarten Curriculum, that insatiable curiosity that your child has is met…

What does your First Grader Need?
Your first grader is ready to do everything all by themselves now as their independence and confidence soars. They need a safe space in which to test that independence and explore their place in the world.
What does your Second Grader need?
This is the year when, for most children, reading really “clicks.” As such, the entire curriculum is focused on giving your child the opportunity to take that newly developed/developing skill and explore a variety of literary genres to really find what sparks great joy for them.